Who are we ?

A small company founded in Strasbourg by Hugo Payet, we are specialized in vintage. In particular, we launched the Polychrome vintage flea market in the center of Strasbourg in 2011.
The question of candles has always been delicate. Indeed, the rare period compatible candles have suffered for 40 years, and often end up damaged or unusable (we do not recommend using them!), And the supply of compatible new candles is … nonexistent!

That’s why we looked for a supplier who could supply us with new quality candles:

Hoping to give life to your favorite candlesticks!

Years of existence
Delivered customers

We launched desbougiespournagel.fr in 2013 and already have hundreds of customers in France and around the world.

Maison Française Magazine n° 9

December 2014 / January 2015

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