STOFF cup – chrome

STOFF cup, reissue of the Nagel S44 cup designed by Werner Stoff in the 60s.
To be assembled with other candle holders and STOFF elements and to use with our candles or as a simple decorative sculpture.
New cup edited by STOFF Copenhagen ApS.


3 in stock (can be backordered)

Nous sommes en congés, les expéditions reprendront à partir du 01/08/24.
Les commandes peuvent être passées normalement.

STOFF candleholders stack to infinity to create the structure of your choice and are compatible with other STOFF candle holders and elements as well as our candles.

New candlesticks sold individually in pretty individual boxes and / or box of three elements.

Nickel plated nickel alloy

Height: 5,6cm  Diameter: 13,8cm

About 540g

Boite STOFF chrome
Boite STOFF chrome x 3

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