BMF candle holder in very good condition

BMF “Combi-leuchter” candle holder, from the 70s, in chromed metal.

Candlestick in very good vintage condition, slight traces of wear.
Close to the excellent condition, these candle holders have some minimal defects (slight tarnishing, micro-scratches, small bites,), see detailed description and photos.
They remain very well preserved for their age and are rigorously selected.
Once on your furniture or your centerpiece, you will quickly forget these tiny defects.

Candlestick perfectly cleaned and etched by hand to restore its original luster.

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This product is a used product that is in its forties.

Therefore, even in very good condition, it may have small defects and traces of wear, however, little visible in normal use.

Examples of the most visible defects are presented in photo, and the use (see photos on which we see them assembled) defects are much less visible. Of course, none of our candlesticks have all these flaws at the same time!

To be in this category, the candleholder may have ONE, TWO or THREE minor defects, such as:
– slight dulling of chromium
– presence of an impact <2mm
– the presence of a small task on its upper part
– the presence of one, two or three small tasks on its lower part.
– the presence of a zone of very slightly bullous chromium (maximum diameter 1cm)
– the presence of very slight mottling in the chrome
– the presence of one or two impacts on the outer face, or several on the inner side, pitting of chromium (<1mm)

Height: 7cm  One side: 11,5cm

Bougeoirs BMF et bougies rouges
Bougeoir BMF en très bon état
Bougeoir BMF en très bon état
Bougeoir BMF en très bon état